The exhibition took place from April 27, 2019, to July 13, 2019. 

Curiosidad, the collections of Mexico City Folk-Art Museum !

As a privileged guest to the ‘Eldorado’ edition, Mexico is put in the spotlight in the natural history museum of Lille through an exhibition dedicated to pieces from the collections of the Folk-Art Museum of Mexico City. 

Those objects refer to the traditional Mexican culture and the Mexican imaginary strongly imbued by biodiversity whether it is real or imaginary. The selection of these objects shaped like animals from the Mexican culture combines with the collections of the Natural history museum and the numerous species that constitute them. The exhibition gets out of the area dedicated to the temporary exhibitions to occupy the whole museum: artworks in the permanent showcases and a giant alebrijè hanging from the gallery beams.

In partnership with Eldorado (Lille 3000)