The exhibition took place from March 1 to April 22, 2019.

Ni expansion indéfinie 
Ni recontraction à brève échéance

From March 1 to April 22, 2019, in partnership with Lille, City of Arts and history, the Natural History Museum welcomes the artist Frédéric Fourdinier for an artist residency on the theme ‘Eldorado’.

Each year, more than 10,000 children participate in an awareness campaign for arts and culture in the 82 preschools and primary schools of the City. The contemporary artist Frédéric Fourdinier has been selected for a residency on the theme ‘Eldorado’. For the first time, the ‘City of Art and History’ department organises this ‘ARTS’ in partnership with the Natural History Museum of Lille. 

In his approach, the contemporary artist questions the place of the human being within its environment. The works presented introduce the idea of movement and instability which govern the order of the universe. They find a singular resonance within the geological and naturalist collections of the natural history museum. 

Twelve classes from Lille and Lomme will come to discover Frédéric Fourdinier’s work within the duration of this exhibition. 

The objective of this residency ‘ARTS mission’ is to generate meetings with the school environment – teachers, parents, accompanying adults, but most importantly the children and the teenagers – to build, after the presentation of Frédéric Fourdinier’s work, and thanks to his ‘artistic gesture’, innovative educational projects.