Within the area dedicated to zoology, the Museum of natural history possesses an insectarium, where spiders, ants, and other species are visible during your visit. 

Tarantulas, cockroaches, praying mantises… those species are known by everyone, but it is unusual to see them that close. 

The insectarium displays to the visitors about thirty species out of the 50 that are bred at the Museum. Discover the lifestyle of these small animals thanks to a first set of vivariums dedicated to insects and a second dedicated to the other arthropods. The vivariums display the species from the most common to the rarest. 

You would also be pleased to observe from up-close a bustling anthill. These workers never stop… and thanks to an appropriate installation, you will be able to follow them to the core of the anthill. 

And if ants are too familiar for you, amblypygids (also known as whip spiders) and orchid mantis will be there to amaze you. 

It is stipulated near the vivariums not to knock, not even pat, on the glasses. It would be a source of stress for the animals. Knowing that stress is the main cause of mortality for the phasmids (also known as stick insects), keep it in mind!