This exhibition took place from October 3, 2019, to September 6, 2020.

Nature is not only a world full of fierce struggles, based on competition and the survival of the fittest !
Multiple examples of positive relations between living beings can be observed : solidarity, mutual assistance, sharing, altruismThese natural behaviours remind us of the benefits of “living together”. 

The exhibition reflects on the importance of these collaborations for survival: How does partnering allow better access to food, protection from predators, to learn from others, to raise young, and even to have fun ?

From bees to meerkats, from Bluestreak cleaner wrasse to northern plains grey langur (also known as sacred langur or Bengal sacred langur), come to discover all the benefits of living in society and cooperation between species. 

About 90,000 curious people were drawn to this exhibition !

"Lifesaving relationships" is an exhibition created and conceived by the Lille Museum of natural history. The exhibition was organised as part of Eldorado Lille 3000.